Second Corporate Strategic Plan: 2010/11- 2012/13

The Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) began to prepare three- year Corporate Strategic Plans (CSP) in 2007/08. The 2010/11- 2012/13 CSP is, therefore, the
second corporate strategic plan. The corporate strategic plan has been instrumental in providing clear guidance to stakeholders in their operations,
TCB’s capacity strengthening, as well as providing strong back up support to the implementation of the first Cotton Sector Development Strategy; (2007 - 2010).
As a framework for implementing TCB’s mandated functions the first CSP, 2007/08- 2009/10, assisted in guiding the operations of the cotton industry as a whole. However, following Government assumption in the financing of development activities of crop boards, performance of TCB has been adversely affected. 
Actual disbursements are often far below requirements. This negatively affects regulatory functions and staff morale. Financing is availed very late,
compromising the operations of the TCB which run more or less on commercial principles.