Cotton from Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most suitable countries for the production of organic cotton due to its largely unspoiled soil and unpolluted environment. According to “Textile Exchange”, Tanzania produced 2635 tons of organic cotton in the 2009/10 season, which placed the country in 5th position in the ranking of the world‟s leading organic cotton produers.

In recent years, Tanzania has become ideally suited for entering into partnership with various producers of organic textiles and clothing products by ensuring them with the required supply of organic cotton, whose cultivation is practised in certain areas in the west, especially in the districts of Meatu and partly Maswa, in the Shinyanga region.

In this type of project-based cotton cultivation, extension services are more frequent and crop management practices are better applied. Yields are, however, comparatively lower than those achieved in non-organic cotton farms. see attachment for more info